Sava Crisper Liner (Large)



1 x Crisper Liner made with organic bamboo & hemp, & lined with soft cotton. 33cm x 73cm
Made in Australia

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  • Made in Australia from a highly absorbent organic bamboo & hemp material & lined with soft cotton. Sava Crisper Liners keep the air in your crisper drawer moist and cool keeping your vegetables hydrated and fresh for longer. If you use your Sava Produce Bags with your Crisper Liners (instead of plastic bags) you can keep your veggies hydrated which allow your veggies to breathe, releasing (not trapping) ethylene. Alternately put veggies directly in drawer.
  • Easily fits into the bottom of a large crisper drawer (for smaller crispers or dual draw crispers see our twin pack)

Using your Sava Crisper Liner

  • Lightly wet and wring  the Sava Crisper Liner
  • Place it onto the bottom of a clean crisper drawer.
  • Place your veggies (not in polythene bags) directly on top of the liner, label facing up. (Can have veggies in Sava Produce Bags)
  • Wash your Sava Crisper Liner in warm soapy water before your next fresh produce shopping trip.

Additional information

Weight 380 g
Dimensions 26 x 36 x 2 cm


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