Sava Produce Bags (Starter Pack)



3 x Large Netting Bags with drawstring 28cm x 31cm
2 x Small Netting Bags with drawstring 23cm x 25cm
1 x Calico Mushroom Bag 23cm x 25cm

Australian Made šŸ™‚

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Sustainable Living = Living Well šŸ™‚

Would you like to save money & save the planet at the same time. Now you can join the war on waste, by using Sava Produce Bags.Ā Using these bags instead of polythene bags will significantly reduce the number of plastics that go into our oceans and landfill every year and Sava Produce Bags will help your fruits and veggies live longer in the fridge, saving you money.


  • Made in Australia from a strong ultra lightweight octagonal netting; mushroom bags are made from a lightweight calico
  • Use them again and again, dramatically reducing your use of throwaway polythene bags
  • LargeĀ bagsĀ holds up to 3 kg of produce, small bags up to 2.5kg
  • Netting Bags are see-through so produce remains visible at the checkout & in the fridge
  • Time saving – Wash, drain, store your veggies without removing from the bag.
  • Netting allows for the vegetables to breathe in Fridge. Water is not trapped against the surface of the produce, dramatically reducing the instance of vegetables rotting in the crisper. Best results are achievedĀ when you lineĀ your crisper with a damp crisper liner to create the perfect combination of moist air and absorbency.
  • Minimize packaging when shopping

Using your Sava Produce Bags

  • Take them with them while you are shopping. Use them instead of polythene produce bags.
  • When home, for those veggies that should be washed before storage, rinse your produce still inside the Sava bags (washing removes the bacteria microbes & chemical residues) and set them to drain/dry on the drying rack or a tea towel on the bench. Some veggies are best off not being washed prior to storage. See our Vegetable Storage sheet here:Vegetable Storage Guidelines
  • When dry, put your produce still in the bags, into the clean crisper drawers lined with a Crisper Liner.
  • To maintain your bags between shops, hand wash in warm soapy water. Rinse & hang out to dry in the sun if possible, and store them with your shopping bags for your next visit to the market/supermarket.

How you are contributing to the environment:

When you use Sava Produce Bags you will be saving 416 bags from entering the waste stream each year*. This saves 416 bags per year from ending up in the ocean to be ingested by marine life, or ending up in landfill). When the animal who has ingested polythene particles decomposes, the plastic remains in the ocean ready to do harm again.

* Based on a household using 8 polythene bags per week (Most people use more than this)

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